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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join Stüdex as a vendor?

Vendors can reach out to us via our telephone lines (+233 54 4054 537/ +233 50 8170 975), email (shop.studex.gh@gmail.com). Or just Sign up and register to be a seller.

How do I join Stüdex as a delivery personnel?

Fill in the form for delivery services and you are good to go.

Do I join Stüdex for free as a vendor?

Yes!, Stüdex is ready to accommodate all student vendors. Sign up now for free.

How can I get to use Stüdex?

Stüdex is available on all platforms, thus Google Play Store and Apple Store for users to download.

Does Stüdex delivery comes with a fee?

As a student vendor, Stüdex gives you the liberation to arrange available delivery services or even do deliveries yourself. You can do pickups as well.

When is Stüdex launching?

We are available in KNUST, Kumasi campus. We will expand to other campuses, as and when it is available.